Purushottama Maas

What is Purushottam/Adhik Maas?

The practitioners of Sanatana Dharma accept both Vedic calendars – the solar and the lunar, which follow the movement of the sun and moon, respectively. Due to the difference in the time taken for the sun and moon to complete their cycles, the lunar calendar lags by 11 days. An additional (adhik) maas or month is added to the lunar year after about 2 years and 8 months to ensure these two calendars are aligned and that astrological calculations are not affected.

The Glories of Purushottama Maas

In the beginning, this Adhik maas had no auspicious tithi. It was considered a mala-maas or just an additional month with no benefit. The Padma Purana states how this special month, which was not governed by any Devata, was accepted by Lord Sri Krishna or Sri Purushottama Himself. From that time, this became Purushottama Masa, Lord Krishna’s own month.

Benefits of this Purushottama Adhika Maas

  • This month is called mala-maas because any seva performed during this month purifies the mala or undesirable things from our heart
  • This is the month dearest to Lord Krishna
  • This month is a thousand times more beneficial than even the auspicious Kartik month
  • Anyone who performs seva with devotion during this month will go back to Krishna in one lifetime.


Mangal and Bal Bhog (offer the early morning Bhoga’s to Lord): Rs. 2,501

Raj Bhoga (Offer the afternoon bhoga to the Lord) Rs. 3,500

Vidya Daan (Sponsor 25 Gitas for free distribution) Rs. 5,000

Vaishnav Bhojan Seva Rs.5,000

Purushottam Masa Seva
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