ISKCON Youth Services (IYS) is the youth wing of Sri sri Radha Madanmohan Temple, a branch of the International society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).


Hyderabad, the city of hopes and dreams, love and romance, business and fun, promises a better tomorrow for every ambitious seeker. However, as we now stand on the threshold of a new era, the youth of Hyderabad appear lost and confused.
Happiness and true fulfilment of the soul and unending success have been the goals of humanity from eternity. Most of us simply go through life but in the pursuit of going through life, we forget to grow through life. Being victimized by unhealthy and competitive lifestyles, the youth especially are experiencing the resultant frustrations. ISKCON Youth Services, with its team of qualified and dedicated members, is committed to address this scenario and provide an atmosphere in which the youth of today can not only enlighten and save themselves from progressing in the wrong direction, but also redirect themselves to grow into a powerful individual.

  • Training in soft skills such as Stress Management, Public Speaking, Leadership and Management etc. by application of timeless wisdom in modern scenario.
  • Bringing out the potential in the individual, like Concentration, Motivation, Self Confidence, etc.
  • Blending Character with Competence in bringing about long enduring success.
  • Balancing Personal V/S Professional Life and Work vs Entertainment for a living.
  • Saving youths from Self-destructive habits and addictions that harm the body and mind.
  • Dealing with Sensitivity and Self-awareness, in thought, word and action.
  • Offering interaction with international faculty, for broadening perspectives.
  • Organizing outings for experiencing closer touch with nature and marvelous gift of Supreme Divinity.

Youth Activities & Events