Handing over Ceremony of Sri Ramaa Sametha Satyanarayana Swamy Temple in Shadnagar.

It may be recalled that Sri Katta Narasimulu, founder chairman, built and developed Sri “Ramaa Sametha Satyanarayana Swamy” temple for the last 18 years. He wished to bring ISKCON, Abids, Hyderabad, to Shadnagar which was initiated around two years back, and finally, the temple is all set to be handed over to ISKCON on 26th January 2021.

ISKCON is a worldwide recognized spiritual organization having more than 1000 temples and branches all over the world is set to take over the charge of managing and developing the popular Sri “Ramaa Sametha Satyanarayana Swamy” temple located in Satyadeva colony of Shadnagar.A special ‘Havan’ had been held by ISKCON on this special occasion, which can be seen in the below picture.

Sri Anjaiah Yadav Yelganamoni – MLA Shadnagar, Shri Narendar Konduti (Municipal chairman), dignitaries of ISKCON namely H.H.Bhakti Prema Maharaj, H.G. Anandamaya Dasa, H.G.Radheshyam Dasa, H.G.Varada Krishna Dasa, H.G. Vedanta Chaitanya Dasa, H.G.Shambu Vaishnava Dasa, H.G.Hanuman Vijay Dasa, etc. participated in this grand event.

In the above picture, it can be seen that Sri Katta Narasimulu, founder chairman of the temple, handing over keys of the temple to ISKCON dignitaries.

H.G. Lokeshwara Govind Dasa has been appointed as the in-charge of the temple for managing and developing hereafter. 

“All popular programs, festivals, and courses of ISKCON such as Gita foundation course, Gita based teaching programs for children, festivals such as Sri Krishna Janmastami will be organized on a grand scale and we expect that thousands of residents of Shadnagar to benefit from these programs and activities launched by ISKCON” said  Sri Vedanta Chaitnaya Dasa – leader of ISKCON, Abids, Hyderabad.   

Many devotees and people from Shadnagar participated in this event very enthusiastically and made the program a grand success.

All the chief guests have been given a copy of Bhagavad-Gita, shalws, and prasadam by ISKCON dignitaries.

After handing over the keys, the founder acharya of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada, and the ustava deities of the temple have been decorated and taken for procession in and around the temple with loud Harinaam Sankirtan by all the participants.

The main arca vigrahas of the temple have been decorated very gorgeously on this special occasion, which can be seen in the above pictures.

The darshan of the deities before the decoration.

After the procession, there was arati performed to the founder acharya of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada, and to the deities with bhajan by all the devotees.

The deities have been offered chappan bhoga (56 items) prepared by various devotees.

After the offering was done, all the participants had honored the chappan bhoga prasadam with great delight.

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Shri ramaa sametha sathyanarayana swamy ,we are doing nagara sankirthana one day  before going to (receiving)taking care of  the temple  and doing prasadam distribution   

Lord shri ramaa sametha sathyanarayana swamy giving Darshan to residents of  shadhnagar in shobha yatra with sankirtana yajna started by one of the  presidents of  ISKCON Abids HG Vedanta Chaitanya Pr

HG Varada Krishna Dasa lead the entire ceremony by bringing all the devotees together and engaging them in various services efficiently to make the ceremony a grand success for the benefit of citizens of shadnagar.

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