ISKCON North Gate Extension project makes steady progress…

We are happy to report to you that the New North Gate Extension project is making steady progress . The first slab was cast on 1 st December night. The new project will add about 25,000 sft of usable space .
This space will accommodate the growing range of activities and services that are being offered by thr temple.

” With each passing year , we are seeing a steady growth in the popularity of the temple and the new Extension project is just the solution we were hoping for.” Said Vedanta Chaitanya Das, Member Hyderabad Management Council.
At this rate of construction, there is an expectation that the project will finish in the coming year itself.

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  1. Hare Krishna. It’s my experience that every rupee given here is worth a million times. The temple is greatly managed and all the Vaishnavic festival celebrations are done so meticulously, that Bhakthi flows from all sides and the devotees are overjoyed on all occasions..
    I wish and request many many people ,citizens of this city to come forward and submit yourself to the Lordships as he is the bestower of everything to all the 84 lakh creatures on earth including human beings. Iskcon imparts such Supreme knowledge that we cannot get anywhere else. We blossom out only because of the correct ,authentic knowledge that we gain from this place..,as knowledge is power.
    With inculcating the Bhakthi yoga concepts within us through nice coaching given by the senior devotees at the temple, it’s a daily celebration. Daily Morning Bhagawatham class is a masterpiece by itself..
    Really Wonderful temple and we Hyderabadis are a blessed lot due to this temple here.
    Request everyone to celebrate your family functions also here and get blessings of the Lordships. Fir functions, the temple arranges even food for all the guests and can accommodate upto 500-600 guests.
    I wish to remind all people in general that your functions celebrated here will be permanently etched in your lives and become memorable and unforgettable due to the blessings of the Supreme Lord Srikrishna and the blessings of the parampara spiritual master AC Bhakthi Vedanta Srila Prabhupada.
    Thanks for your patient reading of this.
    Hare Krishna

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