Pushpa Abhiṣekam on this Vasanta-pañcamī – Grab the opportunity of Seva for Yellow Deity dress and Flowers

Why do we celebrate the festivals? We celebrate to create unity amongst One another, exclusively for the purpose of expressing our desire to love and serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

In fact Srila Rupa goswami explains in His Bhakti rasamrita sindhu, that it’s an essential vaishnava principle in a very wonderful way to celebrate the various festivals that the previous acharyas have given us.

Vasanta-pañcamī, the Fifth day of the waxing moon in Magha maas, marks the beginning of spring in India, and the beginning of the festivities of Holi in Vraja. At that time Krsna, goes to a place near Govardhan hill and Chandra the lord of the moon, he becomes a full moon just to celebrate his descendent Krsna who was born in the lunar dynasty, wonderful pastimes and to insist and on this night Chandra remains a full moon near Govardhan hill for one night of Brahma which is many millions of Yugas. And therefore that place is called Chandra Sarovar where the Vasant Rasa Lila takes place.

On Vasanta-pañcamī (16th February 2021), the Lords in Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Madanamohana Mandir, ISKCON Abids Hyderabad, and all the other temples in Vraja, are dressed and decorated in yellow garments, jewels, and flowers. Following in the same mood of the festival, many of the devotees also dress in yellow garments. The Lords are offered various dishes with Kesar and other yellow ingredients that make the foodstuffs also match the overall color code of the festival.

Vasanta-pañcamī is an auspicious day for beginning new projects. Weddings and fertility rites are also performed on this day.

So on Vasanta-pañcamī what is the greatest way we can give pleasure to Radha and Krsna?
By offering yellow flowers, fruits, by having wonderful kirtan, by discussing Krsna Katha, and by having Krsna’s prasadam

We have different sets of options to offer flowers & fruits to Lord Radha Madan Mohan and to get blessings from the Supreme Personality of Godhead on this auspicious day.

Small Basket yellow flowers – Rs.500.00/-

Big Basket yellow flowers – Rs. 1000.00/-

Big basket yellow flowers & fruits – Rs.2000.00/-

At this time there will be a wonderful darshan of Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan in a very specially designed Vasanta-pañcamī dress. We are going to read out the names of flower donors in front of lordships on this special day.

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